Maintaining Bamboo in Seattle

Maintaining bamboo in Seattle is actually quite simple. The "secret" is that if bamboo is happy where it is, it will be far less likely to "invade" other areas of your or neighbor's properties.

Periodic thinning, adequate fertilization, pest control of bamboo mites and aphids, as well as good watering practices will all encourage the health as well as the 'containment' of the grove.

Once a year, digging all the way around the grove to remove any rhizomes that have spread outside of the area of the grove is a good maintenance strategy.

Maintenance of the grove is much easier and causes far less problems than trying to 'contain' the grove with plastic 'barrier'.

Seattle Bamboo has Spring and Fall thinning specials and they have a contract with the Woodland Park Zoo to supply the bamboo browse for the elephants living in the zoo.